Mine Ridge
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New Warp PvP, Warp Shop, and Ask.fm

K3Feedz Owner posted 2 hours ago
Warp PvP
We now have a brand new PvP everyone always dreamed of! This PvP will contain traps, secret routes, and much more! You will just have to wait and see what comes to store! Hopefully you guys like it, tell us what you think about it. This will be released after the dropparty and the release of the new warp shop!
CREDIT: Thanks to ObeyxSwagz and his building buddies!

Warp Shop
New Shop, bigger room, and new signs?! This shop will be matching our OP factions, the signs will contain prices that are easy to farm, buy, and sell. The easiest way to get money on this server! Thanks to ObeyxSwagz and his building buddies once again! This will be released after the drop party tomorrow!
MONEY: Need money? Vote today! www.mineridge.net/vote

I have come to a thought that some players may want to ask anonymous questions to us! These questions will be revealed to everyone if we decided to answer them.  We will not answer any hatred, racist, or bullying comments. This purpose is to help the players get the answers ASAP. This will usually be answered by me when I have the time to look at it. This is already released!
QUESTION: Ask us a question today! www.ask.fm/mineridge

MineRidge Team

Daily Announcement 8/19/2014

K3Feedz Owner posted Wed at 7:40
Daily Announcement
We are now going to have a daily announcements were we give you an update of everything we have done this week. This will be a weekly thing we will begin to do. This will all be posted by me so that no information that will be provided will be FAKE! We hope this updates you when you are gone or taking a break from MineRidge!

We have a few new staff members added to our team! We will soon have 'Helper Applications' open to anyone who wants to take a shot joining the team! We prefer to have experience staff, just so we have the community talking to someone they can be comfortable with!

Congrats to 
osse02 - YouTuber
Tsmasher - YouTuber
zRaymondPvP - Helper
ObeyxSwagz - Helper / Builder

We will now be using the twitter to quick announcement. This will be very helpful to everyone who is on a smartphone or something they have access to the internet to and they can just look at our twitter! Be sure to spread our twitter around so that the members can get updated with short announcements! 
TWEET: Follow us @MineRidge

Donation Store
The donation store has been completely changed, we now sell One Time Kits, New Ranks, and much more that you can look for your self! Be sure to do that command in game /dr, to reclaim the money, mcMMO, and xp that comes with that rank!
REMINDER: If you are from ReconCraftMC and you had a rank, please apply on our form to get your rank fast!
DONATE: Support us by donating @ www.mineridge.net/shop

This server is no more semi-op, this server is completely OP! The kits are completely changed and giving out super golden apples like a gum machine. We hope you enjoy your new kits that we changed. 
NOTE: We only changed the donation kits!

We now have a new and improved warp grinder that was built by one of our builders. This grinder is more improve, has more anvils, and best of yet, its made out of quartz!
THANKS: Thanks to ObeyxSwagz for building this!

Not a few people know about our spawn, but we changed the radius of the square bigger. When you either exit from the North, South, East, or West, you have to walk over a bridge and look over! 
HINT: Go towards the North so that you can see our tree house!

Awards on Forums
Donating has more benefits on forum, you now get a cool reward that is a little message that says something funny. Hope you guys enjoy that!
COLLECT: Get as much awards you can!

MineRidge Team
osse02 Hello
zRaymondPvP HELPERLEGEND "This is Mark, and you are watching Mineridge news". Thanks for the weekly updates!
Tsmasher ELITE this is so cool GOOD WORK ...


K3Feedz Owner posted Sat at 21:56
We are giving back ReconCraftMC ranks. We will dertimine on which rank you will get. You do not get a voucher because remember, Gordon is no longer with us, I'm doing my best to remember everyone's rank that is from ReconCraftMC. Thank you for being patient with us!

 MineRidge Team

TheBeatzMC Hey Guys Im TheBeatzMC I Was Elite+ On The Old Recon ! So Good To Be Back!!
Xphony I was VIP+ on ReconCraft. Btw, I'm back! It's been so long since I play.
JuniorLover15 Mark my Rank was Titan on ReconCraft


K3Feedz Owner posted Aug 12, 14
We have encounter a big issue with the faction plugin where we have many flag permissions and loss of owner of faction gone, this issue will try to be solved, if not we may have to reset the server due to this. We didn't have a backup for this issue, sorry for many of you to hear this, but we'll try to recover. We're making sure there is no bugs, errors, or crashes, is the reason why its still whitelist. 

MineRidge Team

Discount Code

K3Feedz Owner posted Aug 6, 14
Discount Code
We are blasting off August with another surprise. We're having a sale for %15 off! If you wish to donate for a rank, kit, etc. Be sure to donate for our new rank [ELITE] to support MineRidge! Don't forget, always help us improve MineRidge, by throwing out ideas at the suggestion box, we always listen 24/7!

Discount Code: BACKTOSCHOOL15

MineRidge Team
This will be at 5:00 PM Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00)
We will have a Drop Party this Friday for the rollback and downtime!
We now have a 25% off sale on our "Ranks & Ranks Upgrade" Have fun going BackToSchool!
RidgeRecker will no longer be with us due to the fact he has college everyday, so please do not expect him to be on everyday. He will be rarely be on now.
We will no longer be giving out vouchers for the "ReconCraftMC" incident.
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