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K3Feedz aOwner posted 18 hours ago
A brand new parkour has been made! This parkour is meant to have fun when you get tired and you wish to do something else! This parkour is a essential parkour. When you win, you can get essential rewards that everyone always need. These rewards are not in the shop, this what makes this parkour special. We hope that you enjoy this new parkour to help you enjoy your time here on Mine Ridge!

/warp parkour

Thanks for your support
MineRidge Team
Tomershaymor that parkour fun. i ended this already. but i just jump at end of this to down there and i could not ss that i done i g ...
PurpleDarkstar This is going to be awesome!.Thank you for letting us know!. I bet most of the players might liked it! ~Purple

Back To School

K3Feedz aOwner posted 20 hours ago
Back To School!
Summer has officially come to an end  for most members. We love that you spent your time with us here at Mine Ridge! We have many new exclusive items coming your way. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Good luck in school community!

We have many new upcoming events before we head back to school. To kick it off, we're going to start this new August 2nd with a drop party. This will take on a Friday night at 5 PM PST (Saturday morning 10 AM AUS) on the Mine Ridge server at

Elite Rank
This will be our second rank! We heard all of your suggestions and took action! We know what permissions / commands you exactly wanted. This rank will cost $25 / $15 upgrade and this rank will come with
Elite Kit
VIP Commands

Point Shop
This part of the shop will be updated with more items that you may purchase with your points you receive from voting. Don't forget BEING THE TOP 3 VOTERS GETS YOU A $10 VOUCHER! This shop will be updated with items during this weekend. 

YouTube Rank
This rank will be avaliable soon with more infomation coming from chopstick121. He will watch over this rank and promote. P/M if you wish to know more info about this on how to apply and get this awesome rank.

Credit Reclaim Update
Many players that are Recon Craft members were asking about the vouchers they are supposed to receive, the reason no one was replied is chopstick121 is in charge of this due to the fact that Recon Craft was owned by him and the Paypal where all the transactions are under his Paypal. He will be coming back this upcoming Friday August 2.

Thanks for continuous support,
MineRidge Team

MrAquinoX I cry because I cant get online for the DP's... (I'm Aussie time) But I like the New Rank!


K3Feedz aOwner posted Mon at 13:06
What is the EULA?
EULA is a term of agreement towards Minecraft. They recently went strict with it and decided to choose what items you're allowed and not allowed to sell. For this, many Minecraft business will not be easy to support. The reason is the players do not like what they get now. 

What are you planning to do with the EULA?
We are not planning to do anything. We are already a crack server so we won't take affect to this! We know so far they will be hunting big servers. (e.g MinePlex, Hypixel, etc) We'd like to thank you for continuing to support MineRidge!

Mine Ridge Team 

kaseydude21 They also cant do anything if you dont go above verison 1.7.9 as the file is generated in 1.7.10 asking if you accept th ...
Obsession_ You guys never ask me what do I want. ...
Tomershaymor that good ...

New Everything!

K3Feedz aOwner posted Sun at 1:45
New Rank
We are bringing you what you wanted. We are now releasing the second rank this coming Friday. For more details about the second rank, please wait until this upcoming Wednesday for all permissions, the price of it, and what kit comes with it!

New Host
We know your pain and suffering. The lag is killing us all. The lag is real. We decided to upgrade our host this weekend! Lagfree! Everyting will be upgraded, but mostly the RAM will be upgraded. 

We still have to hit max player limit for our new 1v1 plugin! In order for us to release the 1v1 plugin, we need to hit 75 players! The most players we ever hit ( 7/26/2014 8:44 AM Pacific Time) is 69 players. We're almost there! Keep it up!

Thanks for supporting the server and contributing,
MineRidge Team
Tomershaymor gg the server going good
tylermc207 @ MineRidge
gonna get that new rank <3

Alien Invasion

RidgeRecker aOwner posted Jul 24, 14
Around 6 hours ago, aliens landed on planet Mine Ridge and started to cause some trouble. They used their laser blasters to destroy chunks of spawn and make a lot of Mine Ridge civilians mad!

We have been working to repair the damage caused by the aliens, and we can safely say that planet Mine Ridge has been repaired. We are now working to improve the security of Mine Ridge and multiplying our defenses to ensure an alien invasion never occurs again!

We have unbanned the innocent civilians that may have been banned by the aliens!

The server has been rolled back 6 hours from now. We are sorry for anyone who may have been affected. To compensate, we will be having a drop party on Friday night at 5 PM PST (Saturday morning 10 AM AUS) on the Mine Ridge server at

Thanks for your patience and continuous support,
MineRidge Team

៦៤Cib៤៦|PoopClan|CultOfMoody Then the king come and he was like king: fuck you alien time to taste my ion cannon
Obsession_ They fucking took away my virginity, this can't be rolled back.
We hit 71 players! 4 more until players until we hit 75 and we release the 1v1 plugin!
MineRidge is back on line, sorry for the downtime!
[Tip of the week] If you have a PREMIUM account and you link to enjin, we can easily change your password without having to check everything.
Moving mineridge to a new host to improve lag issues.
Drop party on PLAY.MINERIDGE.NET in 2 hours
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